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Atlanta Harmony Celebration loves to sing fo the community!

Hire AHC!

Singing Greeting Cards

Atlanta Harmony Celebration! will call anyone in the continental U.S. and sing a song live for friends and family. AHC! can sing Happy Birthday, love songs for Valentine's Day, and Christmas music for the holidays! 

When: Song will be delivered Thursday night at approximately 8-9 EST

Cost: $5 per person

How: Use the Paypal button below to pay, email with a copy of the Paypal reciept, the name and contact information for you and the receipient of the singing card. 

Questions? Use the "Contact Us" form on this website to reach out with any questions!


Atlanta Harmony Celebration! is available to perform for anyone in the community! A foundation of Atlanta Harmony Celebration! is bringing music to the community, and we'd love to perform for you. Previous events have included city festivals, retirement homes, birthday parties, and holiday celebrations! 

Want AHC! to sing for you? Use the "Contact Us" form on this website to reach out with any questions, or contact us directly at

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